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For most homeowners, the garage door is one of the most frequently used entrances to the house. As such, it’s crucial that it operates smoothly and safely. However, like any frequently used mechanical system, garage doors can develop issues over time that affect their functionality. At Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of garage door repair.

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Common Garage Door Problems

Before delving into solutions, it’s essential to understand the types of issues garage doors commonly face. Being able to identify the problem is the first step in the repair process. Here are some of the most prevalent garage door problems homeowners encounter:

Not Opening or Closing

This is likely the most noticeable and inconvenient issue. A garage door that refuses to budge or open on command is a major hindrance.

Making Noise

A garage door that suddenly starts making loud noises like squeaking, screeching etc. can be alarming for homeowners. This often signals a underlying problem.


Doors that shake or vibrate when in motion are indicative of a problem with alignment or balance.

Remote Not Working

While not a mechanical problem per se, remote controls failing to work can prevent access to the garage.

Damage to Panels/Sections

Dents, cracks or holes in the door’s panels not only look unsightly but also impede smooth operation.

Issue Description
Not Opening/Closing Door refuses to open or close on command
Making Noise Squeaks, screeches or other loud noises
Shaking/Vibrating Door shakes or rattles when moving
Remote Not Working Remote fails to open/close door
Damage to Panels Dents, cracks, holes in panels


Garage door repair

Causes of Common Garage Door Problems

Now that we’ve identified some prevalent issues, it’s critical to understand what causes them. Knowing the root of the problem makes it easier to address. Here are some typical causes that we at Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation have run into:

Worn Out Springs

Garage door springs endure enormous wear and tear during daily operation. Over time, their tension diminishes, preventing proper lifting/lowering.

Out of Balance Door

An imbalanced door strains the opener system and can cause vibrations, noise and affect movement.

Misaligned Tracks

Tracks that are bent, damaged or knocked out of alignment can cause the rollers to derail resulting in door issues.

Broken Cables/Pulleys

Cables and pulleys are integral components whose failure can stop the door from working.

Loose/Damaged Hinges

Hinges anchor panels together. Loose or worn out hinges impact alignment and smooth operation.

Remote Battery

A simple dead battery in the remote control can render it useless.


Nearby devices using same frequency can interfere with remote signal reception.

Cause Description
Worn Out Springs Loss of tension prevents lifting/lowering
Out of Balance Strains system and affects movement
Misaligned Tracks Rollers derail due to damage/misalignment
Broken Cables/Pulleys Critical components for door operation
Loose/Damaged Hinges Impact alignment and smooth operation
Remote Battery Dead battery renders remote non-functional
Interference External signals hinder remote operation

DIY Garage Door Repairs vs Professional Service

Once you’ve diagnosed an issue, the next decision is whether to attempt a DIY garage door repair or call a professional service like Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation. Here are some key considerations:

DIY Repairs



Professional Service



Ultimately, while minor quick fixes can be DIYed, it’s advisable to enlist a professional garage door repair service for complex, safety-related and unfamiliar repairs.

Common Garage Door Repair Services

Garage doors are complex mechanical systems that undergo a lot of wear and tear over time. As such, they inevitably require professional repair services to restore proper and safe function. Being familiar with the most common garage door repairs will help homeowners identify issues early and determine the right solutions.

Spring Repair/Replacement

Torsion and extension springs are essential components that counterbalance the weight of garage doors. However, springs wear out due to metal fatigue after repeated use. Replacing worn or broken springs with new ones of the proper type and size will enable the door to open and close smoothly again. Professional technicians have the expertise to diagnose spring issues and perform safe spring repair or replacement.

Cable/Pulley Repair

Cables and pulleys are integral to the lifting mechanism that enables overhead garage doors to open and close. Frayed or broken cables and worn or cracked pulleys will cause the door to malfunction. Technicians will examine the full cable and pulley system, replace any damaged components, and adjust the tension as needed to restore proper operation.

Roller/Track Alignment

Garage door rollers move along metal tracks to guide the door. If the rollers or tracks become misaligned, it can cause the door to stick or bind. Technicians will loosen brackets to straighten bent tracks and adjust the roller mounts to get the door moving smoothly again.

Opener Repair

Electric garage door openers consist of a motor, drive mechanism, and control board that work together to open and close the door. If any of these components malfunction due to age or wear, the opener will fail to work. Professional repair services involve diagnosing issues with the opener system and fixing or replacing worn parts and electronics.

Panel Replacement

Garage door panels can become dented, rusted, or cracked over years of use. Severely damaged panels not only look unsightly but also compromise the structural integrity of the door. The Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation technicians will remove damaged sections of the door and replace them with new matching panels.

Weather Sealing

Garage doors are exposed to the elements and need proper weather-sealing to prevent rain, wind, leaves, dirt from entering the garage. Technicians will examine weatherstripping around the perimeter of the garage door and replace torn or missing seals. Proper sealing protects items stored in the garage from damage.


Service Details
Spring Repair/Replacement Restore proper door function
Cable/Pulley Repair Get door moving again
Roller/Track Alignment Enable smooth operation
Opener Repair Fix opener motor, drive, control board issues
Panel Replacement Replace damaged sections
Weather Sealing Prevent elements from entering garage

Garage Door Replacement

In some cases, especially with very old garage doors, replacement may be more sensible than continued repairs. Here are some signs indicating replacement:

Replacing an old inefficient garage door with a modern energy-efficient model can also yield long-term cost savings. To find out more, give us a call, the professionals at Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation will be happy to discuss your options and give you our recommendations.

Factors Impacting Garage Door Replacement Cost

Here are some key factors that influence the cost of a new garage door installation:

Getting multiple installer quotes is recommended to find the best value replacement door for your requirements and budget.

Garage Door Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to maximize garage door longevity and minimize repair costs. Here are some do-it-yourself tasks homeowners can perform at regular intervals:

Lubricate Moving Parts

Inspect Cables and Pulleys

Test Door Balance

Check Safety Sensors

Inspect Weather Stripping

Maintenance Task Steps
Lubricate Moving Parts Apply lubricant on rollers, hinges, pulleys etc.
Inspect Cables/Pulleys Check for damage, oil pulleys
Test Door Balance Raise halfway, ensure stays put
Check Safety Sensors Align, clean lenses, test response
Inspect Weather Stripping Replace if cracked/torn

While DIY maintenance can go a long way, an annual tune-up by a professional garage door technician is recommended for a thorough evaluation of all components.

Garage Door Safety Tips

Proper garage door safety is imperative, given their heavy, mechanical nature and potential hazards if mishandled. Here are some key safety pointers:

Being vigilant and proactive with garage door safety, maintenance and repairs ensures it continues functioning efficiently while protecting your vehicles, belongings and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should garage door maintenance be performed?

Ideally, lubrication and inspection of moving parts should be done twice a year. Testing door balance and safety sensors can be done monthly. An annual tune-up by a professional is recommended for a comprehensive maintenance check.

What are signs that a garage door may need replacing?

Indicators include recurring problems, difficulty finding replacement parts, outdated technology lacking safety features, deteriorating physical condition and high ongoing repair expenses.

Is it safe to repair garage door springs on my own?

No, repairing torsion springs can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. The tension in the springs poses risk of injury if they snap. Professionals have the tools and training to safely replace springs.

How do I find reputable garage door repair technicians in my area?

Search for licensed, insured and bonded repair companies that have been operating locally for several years. Check reviews and testimonials from past customers. Obtain multiple quotes to compare prices. We know you’ll find Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation at the top of your list after doing your due diligence.

What maintenance can I do myself vs hiring a pro?

Simple tasks like lubricating hinges and tightening screws can be DIYed. Complex repairs like spring or cable replacement should be left to professionals. Annual tune-ups should be done by technicians. Give Wallen Garage Door Repair and Installation a call today for a free quote on all your garage door repairs.

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