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If you need services, upgrades, or installations for your garage doors in Newport News, VA , look no further than the incredible services available here at Wallen Garage Doors . We are proud to be the garage doors team that our community trusts for all of their installations, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, and we strive to exceed all expectations with our high quality services and products, years of experience, and stunning results.

Whether you are frustrated by a broken garage door motor, you are ready to install your first set of garage doors, you need simple maintenance to keep your garage doors going strong, or anything in between, Wallen Garage Doors is here to help.

When you trust Wallen Garage Doors with your garage doors, you get so much more than just our years of experience and stunning results — you get our top of the line customer service, as well. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we work hard to ensure that every client has an overwhelmingly positive experience with us. Our garage doors team can handle everything, from simple yearly maintenance to complicated installations or repairs. 

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Wide Range of Garage Door Styles to Choose From

Garage doors come in a variety of designs to complement any house or business. We can assist you in determining the best style for your budget and personal tastes. Within the limitations of what you desire, we may also discuss which ones would be more energy efficient for your home. Here are a handful of the most prevalent varieties.

Carriage-style garage doors

Also known as barn type garage doors. Recall back to a time when a horse-drawn carriage was the quickest mode of transportation. Despite the fact that most people now drive vehicles, carriage house garage doors give your property a great rustic appeal. While they operate from above, they appear to be capable of swinging out like a carriage door.

Mosaic Garage Doors

Mosaic garage doors, on the other hand, offer a much more modern appearance that fits in well with mid-century modern or transitional homes. You may personalize and install windows in these garages to fit your particular taste. 

Insulated Glass Garage Doors

Garage doors with insulated glass available in a variety of opacities to manage how much light enters the garage and, as a result, how the climate within your garage is affected. 

Roller Garage Doors

Another form of garage door is utilized in workshops and mechanic garages but is rarely seen in residential situations. Roller doors are commonly found in industrial settings and are constructed of steel. When you need more thermal insulation and protection for whatever is inside your garage, roller garage doors are ideal. To guarantee that they roll up and down properly, they require a lot more care and frequent lubrication.

New Garage Door Experts in Newport News, VA

Your garage door is one of your home’s most unappreciated yet extremely useful features. Because the garage is not considered a livable room and is often used to store automobiles, the garage door receives little attention until something goes wrong, such as when a spring breaks. Your garage door, on the other hand, may assist your home become more energy efficient, add an extra layer of protection for you and your family and your belongings, and even boost the value or selling price of your property.

We always arrive on time, work quickly with a meticulous eye for detail, and leave your space sparkling clean and ready for use. If you need help with your garage doors in Newport News, VA , Wallen Garage Doors is the one stop shop for all of your needs. We are passionate about our services, and will work tirelessly to leave you fully satisfied with your garage. 

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Give Wallen Garage Doors and Openers in Newport News, VA a call today to learn more about our garage door services, discuss our affordable rates, or schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to get an accurate estimate for your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have, and we look forward to serving you soon!